From its beginning as a traditional hardware store in 1976 in Davao City, Philippines, CitiHardware is now one of Philippines' fastest growing warehouse-type construction retailers.

CitiHardware's 50 stores are strategically located throughout the Philippines' major regions of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao and is expected to continuously grow in the coming years.

CitiHardware stores house numerous products comprising of bathroom fixtures and accessories, floor coverings, building maintenance and materials, hardware, woodworks, plumbing, paints and accessories, electrical, lighting fixtures, appliances, outdoor living, kitchen, and storage and organizers.

With an increasing portfolio of products sourced from local and international suppliers spanning from Asia, Australia, America, and Europe, CitiHardware continues to serve its customers by providing them with world-class products and a wide variety of the latest construction materials.

Choose from an extensive assortment of superior quality lumber and woodworks locally produced and imported from New Zealand and the United States that you can use for your home improvement plans.
Select from an array of tiles that would suit every need. See numerous sizes and designs available of the latest in floor and wall coverings.
Accomplish do-it-yourself projects for your home with a wide selection of power and construction tools, fasteners such us nails, bolts and screws, and fixtures like locks, hinges and handles.
Organize your household with our collection of cabinets, clothing racks, shelves and vaults.
Let the family enjoy and relax outdoors with furniture such as chairs and tables that provide excitement and comfort.
Choose from an assorment of home appliances for your living space and your kitchen from air con, fans, air coolers to microwave oven, water dispenser, gas range and hobs.
See your home in a new light with different variations of cost effective lighting systems that include devices such as bulbs, wires and switches as well as an assortment of decorative lights.
Find well-designed bathroom fixtures and accessories that will suit your style and taste.
Make a good impression of your home with doors, windows and mouldings with distinctive design and finish.
And More...
Explore more options such as paints, cleaning materials, floor coverings, doors and mouldings, plumbing, home décor and garden tools that will enhance and give your home a new and better look.